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Ken Lyons

Paul Condron

KL Communications is a Dublin based interaction design studio specialising in branding, communications and sales. With a background in business tourism, Ken Lyons brings a fresh approach to B2B sales. To further expand the agency offering, the collaboration with Paul Condron, Creative Strategist, brings a dynamic approach to how businesses embrace creativity. By adopting a Brand Publishing mindset to communications partnered with a commitment to company culture alignment, KL Communications collaborates with businesses to transform their branding and communications activities.


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Sales Representation

Acting as an extension of a partner’s team to present their product or service to the market.

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Brand Gap Analysis

Analysing existing communications activity and rebuilding it on the principles of Brand Publishing.

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Organisations are driven by human talent. Bringing out the best in people is our motivator.

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We see our clients as partners and build our partnerships on the principles of mutual respect, trust and collaboration.


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